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Movies that make you cry

V 6 Comments 31 Gran Torino This movie was so great!
It's just so terrible knowing she has to deal with her daughter passing away.
Suddenly my tears came out, again again again and sobbed, haha.
The words can't express how this Movie is awesome!I was shocked minecraft how to make cobblestone at how powerful this film is, blows away most of the top ten.Forrest Gump is the greatest movie of all time.I don't know why they are listed.Eiffel I could not agree more!It doesn't involve a love story or a revenge story, it's just about one unfortunate man who wants to be accepted in society.Not to mention I cried like most of the movie and this should be number one no joke!Or the wrong direction, depending on your thoughts on psychological torture.The book made me cry, and it's hard to get me to cry when reading books.DVD MasterMinding for Money Movie - by Mary Robinson Reynolds For just 10 minutes, 2-3 times a day, you can experience the transformative imagery and powerful music to assist you in renewing your mind, body and spirit.
The most depressing film of all time.
As we grow up, we get rid of things from our childhood.That stopped once I started taking my medications.These statements of intention are designed to uplift your mental state, renew your spirit and to generate Rich Ideas that are easy and right for you.I mean it's no very famous movie but I think it should.Or the solemn, post burial SUV ride where we see a distraught Neville slightly glance over at the empty seat where Sam had always been.The saddest movie I have Ever seen and one of the best with the best soundtrack as well.A friendship that can be last forever Really, it should be at least the top 5!I couldn't understand how one movie could have such an incredible effect.

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