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How to make facebook like button

how to make facebook like button

meta property"og:image" content"g" / The above tags are nothing but facebook open graph meta tags, which helps Facebook to understand your content.
Layout Settings for Like Button.Let us know if you face any difficulty while setting up the above code for adding Facebook like button to your website.You should try both to know which one works.b:if cond'data:geType"item"iframe allowTransparency'true' data:nonicalUrl frameborder'0' scrolling'no' style'border:none; overflow:hidden; width:90px; height:21px /b:if Coding for all layout is same just need to adjust little as explained below.Js#xfbml1 appIdxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sertBefore(js, fjs (document, 'script Asynchronous script: The Recommended one for better permanence of a webpage.For that purpose follow next part.When we add such button on our site, the webpage loading time decreases a bit.Where to paste the code?Even with asynchronous code it still enduced a noticable delay in roompot kortingsbon page rendering time.
Click on Template in the sidebar, then Edit html.Is there anyway to fix this other than not showing the like button on the index?is being used in all the below code snippets, the purpose of it to gather the current post/page url.We the help these plugins, readers can easily like and share any article.The asynchronous scripts make sure that the loading of the script doesnt interfere in loading of the webpage.The total page time becomes several seconds and it's laggy/jumpy while loading(even though all the content is loaded) while it's loading.It basically improves the sharing and fblike experience.Now copy paste layout code just below to above searched code.Include it in p file in order to make it display only on posts.

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